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Sodium hydrogen di(acetate)


English name: sodium hydrogen di(acetate)
CAS NO: 126-96-5
Molecular weight: 142.09 
EC NO: 204-814-9
Molecular formula: C4H7NaO4
Specifications: food grade

It is a kind of multi-functional edible chemicals, mainly used as preservative, mildew preventive, chelating agent, condiment, PH modifier in food and feed industry. It is main material of compound mildew preventive.

Packaging and stroage:

It should be packed with kraft paper sacks with inner plastic bag; net weight is 25kg.
Please store in seal to avoid low-temperature, moisture and sunlight; please do not mix with other alkali products and toxic substance.

Alias: Sodium diacetate; Sodium diacetate acid; SDA; sodium acetate - acetic acid (1:1:1)
Structural formula:

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