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Acetic acid,sodium salt trihydrate


English name: Acetic acid,sodium salt trihydrate
CAS NO: 6131-90-4
Molecular weight: 136.08 
EC NO: 204-814-9
Molecular formula: C2H3O2Na·3(H2O)
Specifications: reagent grade, pharmaceutical grade, food grade and industrial grade
Product introduction:
Melting point: 58°C。
Water-solubility:762 g/L (20°C)。
Appearance: white or almost white crystal
Properties: the product is colorless or white crystal; soluble in water; lightly soluble in ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether
Uses:For manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, dyes and photography agent; important material of sodium diacetate
Alias: Acetic acid sodium salt trihydrate; Sodium acetate trihydate; Sodium Acetate, Trihydrate; Sodium acetate trihydrate; Sodium acetate,trihydrate
Structural formula:

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